Trump International Hotel DC | Old Post Office Decor | Hot Design Spots

Last weekend, before the election, we went to DC, my husband and I on a romantic getaway (from the kids). 

We stopped into the newly opened Trump International in the old post building, I had heard a lot of press about it and was pleasantly surprised it was en route for our sightseeing.

I snapped a few pics to share with you all. Apparently Melania made most of the design decisions. It is resplendent and elegant, luxurious. Neoclassical touches and a beautiful collection of antiques.

The eclectic mix of powder, indigo, teal, cornflower, royal and peacock blues was stunning and set off the gold and marble, cream and taupe accents fabulously. The spacious atrium has a fabulous outdoor greenhouse daylight infused feel to it so you don't feel guilty passing a morning reclining inside.  The steel girders add an industrial element which just adds depth to the complex design narrative created with the different vignettes. 

The upholstery was terribly comfortable, and the refreshment cart divine.  I hate to say it but I loved it. Every minute of it.