How to decorate a children's nursery

With my own kids, I am always trying to incorporate great fun, tons of color and some kind of learning opportunity.

I have three boys, so I'm back and forth between dinosaurs, jungle themes, pirates and now Paw Patrol.

I try to create things that are timeless that will last a few years until my husband let's me do it all over again ;).

From a practical perspective, remember you need multiple sets of bed linen, there are different schools of thought for whether you need blackout lining or best for children to wake with the light. I usually specify blackout lining for every bedroom. Practical, if you can fit a daybed in, do

Below was Toby our eldest son's nursery. I'll feature more pics from our new house soon. In the meantime here are my top tips to decorating a nursery.

1 - Use ecofriendly paint and painted furniture.  Yolo and Earth Born have good options for paint.
2 - Use either pastel colors or natural elements if you want it to be a calm serene place. You can see I used a bright orange to go with my monkey jungle theme but I also used a lot of whites, greys and linens to tone it.
3- Find a theme and find coordinated wallcovering or vinyl. [I chose something that was easy to remove as I knew we would be selling the house soon.]
4- Accessorize- find corresponding cabinet knobs, towel hooks, mirrors, themed letters for a name painting, frames, pictures and letters and ornaments
5 - Layer with comfort  - this is a nursery for a baby, everything should be soft and cuddly including throws, pillows, bean bags, rugs etc. You see what I mean? :)