Choosing Marble For Your Home

When it comes to choosing marble for your kitchen, bathroom, foyer or even furniture, the options are endless. Marble comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it the ideal choice for accentuating any type of d├ęcor. Having recently designed a kitchen in San Diego, we got to explore marbles many characteristics, including it’s easier to maintain counterpart, Quartz. For this particular kitchen countertop, we went with warmer white and grey hues; but if your not sure what type of marble you’re looking for, here is a basic guide to it’s many timeless options.

Carrara Marble

This is generally white, gray or blue-gray and commonly used in sculpture and building decor. Its veining is more linear and can either be small and fine or soft and feathery, although it can be dramatic. One of the more readily available marble options, Carrara is one of the most commonly used marbles in residences. Since it can have a stark, pristine whiteness, use it in bathrooms to add an airy and clean feel.
Carrara Marble Countertop- Domaine
Arabescato Carrara- Wayfair

Statuary Marble
A sister stone to Carrara, statuary marble features a uniform background and light gray tones with distinctive and more dramatic veining. Its semi​ translucent white background gives it a shiny, glossy feel, reflects light and provides a radiant finish that enhances any room.
Statuary marble countertops and ceiling height stuatuary marble subway tile backsplash- Decor Pad
Honed Statuary Classico-Walker Zanger

Calacatta Marble
Calacatta marble is quarried in the Carrara region of Italy and shares many similarities with Carrara marble, such as their white coloring with gray veining, which makes sense why they are often confused for the other. Although, they have many characteristics that set them apart, Calacatta marble is generally white with dark veining in large, thick patterns. For some homes, it can add a striking look when paired with the stainless steel of a kitchen or the white porcelain of a bathroom. Since it is rarer than Carrara, many people consider Calacatta a luxury stone. Calacatta gold marble adds a splash of richness to the tiles, and it can radiate either warm and cool tones depending on what colors you match with it. We used Calacatta Vicenza marble for the kitchen in one of our San Diego projects.
Calacatta Vicenza slab from Unique Stone Imports
Calacatta- Ollin Stone

Emperador Marble
Quarried from three regions in Spain, this stone varies from the whites and grays associated with Calacatta and Carrara and comes in different shades of brown. It typically exhibits fine grains with irregular veins. Its darker color makes it an ideal choice for a high-traffic floor or a charming fireplace surround.
Silver Emperador Polished Marble- Madarin Stone

Crema Marfil Marble
Also quarried in Spain, crema marfil comes in many tonal variations. The most prevalent and well-known tiles have a light-beige or yellowish color with uniform backgrounds and veins varying in intensity and irregularity. Crema marfil is typically used with other darker and more colored natural stones, and is commonly found in exterior cladding, flooring and decorations. A large reserve and wide market availability makes this an appealing choice for homeowners and architects.
Honed Crema Marfil- Complete Tile Collection  
Crema Marfil-Happy Floors

Hope this helped! Remember, even after considering your options, it’s helpful to order samples to see the various shades of a particular type of marble in person. Since marble is a natural stone, there can be a variety of color streaks and vein patterns, even within a single set. There are also a number of imitations that are very impressively manufactured like quartz or porcelain; see our blog post on good marble look a likes for countertops and back splashes. '   Whatever you choose, faux or real; marble is a gorgeous option for any home.