Print the World with Eley Kishimoto,

If you have not seen or heard of British fashion and design company, Eley Kishimoto, you have been missing out. Primarily known and loved for their fabulous print design, Eley Kishimoto exhibits a unique flair of color and style to a variety of products including furnishings, glassware and clothing. Rejecting the passing trends and fads, Eley Kishimoto strives to create unique and eye catching patterns that offer a creative flare to cover all of their products.

Since their successful launch of a women’s clothing line in the mid 90’s, Eley Kishimoto has never looked back. Their vibrant fashion collections have given them an outstanding reputation for creative and outside-the-box designs. They have never given up their freedom to decorate anything and everything.

Not willing to stop after their successful clothing line, Eley Kishimoto has designed a variety of products to display their fabulous print designs. Their print designs encompass furniture, furnishing fabrics, glassware, crockery and most recently wallpaper. As if that wasn’t broad enough, Eley Kishimoto stepped foot into territory that is most often ignored by the fashion industry: the automotive industry, architecture, phone/computer technology and packaging, and artist and gallery collaborations.

Eley Kishimoto has a strong grasp on unique style and they truly want to share their patterns with the world, in every way possible. It’s safe to say that there’s no telling Eley Kishimoto what they can and cannot do.