Wall & Deco Indoor Wallcovering - 2012 Collection Preview

Everyone should know about these amazing new vinyl wallcoverings which transform spaces.

Use them for architectural features, to display logos/branding and inspiring images, to decorate walls, to create atmosphere, texture, color. The possibilities are endless....

It installs like wallpaper and can be customised to any shape or incorporate any features (e.g. doors, windows etc) so you can totally design the image around the space. This can take the place of trompe l'oeil and murals. Infinite potential....Isn't it fabulous!

 Visit the Wall & Deco website to see all the collections. Email with the dimensions for the space and we can produce an estimate for you.  The pricing is reasonable, particularly when compared to the potential cost of creating the architectural feature, panelling, or color.

Check back soon for a feature on the Outdoor wallcoverings.